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Understanding MD Firearms Fingerprinting Requirements

To say that 2020 hasn't been a great year would be an understatement for many of us. It just seems like nothing is going right and nothing is calming down. Many people watching the news and seeing what is going on around the country feel like they need a firearm to protect themself and their family. If you're feeling this way, you certainly are not alone. The Maryland 2013 Firearms Safety Act went into effect October 1, 2013 and requires fingerprinting of all applicants who purchase, rent, or receive a handgun through a Handgun Qualification License. This is what you'll need to learn about it and receive before you can own the gun you're looking for.

If you're ready for a gun, there are some things you need to know. As this is your first time, it may feel a little confusing. This is why it's imperative to take your time and learn all about it. The safety of you and your loved ones, as well as the good of the community as a whole, is on the line here! You do not need a permit to purchase or carry rifles and shotguns in the state of Maryland. Registration of firearms and the licensing of owners is also not necessary for rifles or shotguns. You do, however, need a permit to purchase and carry handguns.

To apply for a handgun in Maryland, you will have to do several things. First, you must have your digital fingerprints taken at a Maryland fingerprint processing center. There are several around the state, including in Rockville, Germantown, Bethesda, and Silver Spring, MD. From here, you will submit those digital fingerprints to the Maryland State Police. Next, you will submit your application to the Maryland State Police for the Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL). The next step is to complete the 16-hour Firearms Safety Training Course. After this, you will receive your HQL card. You are almost there! You are now ready to take your HQL and have it verified with a firearm dealer. You will finally complete your application to purchase a handgun and have that application submitted by a dealer to the Maryland State Police. After waiting seven days, that application should be approved, and you will be allowed to purchase the handgun from the dealer. At this point, the dealer will transfer the gun to you, and you will own your handgun.

Come to American Identity Solutions for what you need to get approved to own a handgun! We offer M.S.P qualified Handgun Instructors for our HQL courses. Included in our courses for an additional fee, is the required live scan fingerprinting for the Maryland State Police firearm application process. We make it as easy as possible, so you are not confused and you know exactly what is happening every step of the way.

Please contact our office (301) 296-4499 to be scheduled for the next available classes. Classes are run each month but must have a person minimum to start. As well, the Coronavirus Pandemic has forced some changes in our locations and hours, but we're open and continuing to serve our community!

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