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An ever increasing number of employers are now using fingerprints rather than public records searches to determine if the employee or applicant has a disqualifying criminal background. Many State licensing divisions today require the licensee to submit to electronic fingerprinting. Our agency submits fingerprints to the State of Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) and FBI. We offer fast, electronic fingerprint-based background checks to ensure that your employee's criminal history results will be received by your agency in a matter of days, rather than weeks or even months. CJIS Return backgrounds can be designed to be received via internet, therefore making the whole fingerprinting process from start to finish, a eco-friendly Green paperless process.

Controlled Access

AAPS biometric controlled access service puts biometric controlled fingerprint readers on access points for fast access and added safety. Our biometric readers are designed to aid the employer. Our readers can maintain detailed access logs or be used for modified restrictions of employees with different levels of access. Biometric tailored access control systems can be uniquely designed to fit your business security needs.


In recent years emphasis on Federal and State security has dramatically increased the requirements for individual and employment background checks. These requirements, though important, can create inconveniences to both employers and employee's. As a result American Identity Solutions provides Mobile Livescan fingerprint services on location to eliminate the hassle of coordinating numerous appointments for your essential staff. Our mobile livescan services can be done with up to six machines for large employee processing.


All American Protective Services Fed-Submit biometric fingerprint machine is state-of-the-art and uniquely designed to electronically upload and submit prints to the Federal Government and FBI channeler. American Identity Solutions would like to invite Local, State, and Federal Government, as well as both public and private employers to take advantage of the services and savings we offer for all your pre-employment or licensing needs.

LS Sales
Missing Child Program


SWFT is a web-enabled system for the collection and transmission of electronic fingerprints for applicants requiring a background investigation for a personnel security clearance. The SWFT system eliminates the need for paper-based capture and handling of fingerprints, expedites the background check process by reducing invalid fingerprint submissions, provides end-to-end accountability for sensitive PII data, and implements stringent security standards for all electronic transactions.


U.S. Department of Justice Order 556-73


American Identity Solutions supports our partners and the FBI in expediting Criminal History Record Information (CHRI). As a qualified agency we are now permitted to utilize an FBI Channeler to perform electronic fingerprint history checks of the IAFIS database, and receive results in less than 24 hours. There are many important reasons to request a personal copy of your FBI criminal history report. Applicants request copies for many different reasons some of which may be to make sure their FBI record is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

DO 556-73
SWFT Processing
Mobile Service

AAPS is pleased to offer our Missing and Exploited Children's Program. We live in unstable times and need identity solutions that aid in the fight against criminal acts against our children. This program is designed to assist law enforcement across the country in the ability to apply biometric data to help aid in the fight against missing and exploited children. Using state of the art Iris and facial recognition, combined with biometric fingerprints, AAPS is leading this fight and providing this valuable service to agencies, schools and parents across the country.


AAPS in conjunction with CardLogix offers state of the art private and Government smart cards. Using biometric smart card technology, AAPS and CardLogix is revolutionizing the smart card industry. CardLogix ensures the highest level of Identity Management and Protection with smart cards, software, and biometric technology. Featuring M.O.S.T.(R) and Credentsys(R) card platforms, CardLogix supplies to Government, National ID, Healthcare, Voting, and e-Passport programs throughout the world.

CardLogix is certified to ISO9001:2008 and enpowers it's products with the highest encryption levels available.

Smart Card Management
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