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Firearms Training

Firearms Training In Rockville, Germantown, Bethesda and Silver Spring, MD

HQL Info

The Maryland 2013 Firearms Safety Act goes into effect October 1, 2013 and requires fingerprinting of all applicants who purchase, rent or receive a handgun through a Handgun Qualification License (H.Q.L).


The required electronic fingerprinting is offered at and in our firearm classes and at any of our three locations: Bethesda, Rockville and Silver Spring, MD. We are currently forming classes for the new Maryland Handgun Qualification License (H.Q.L.) firearms safety training requirement.


American Identity Solutions offers M.S.P qualified Handgun Instructors for our H.Q.L and advance handgun courses. Included in our courses for an additional fee, is the required live scan fingerprinting for the Maryland State Police firearm application process. If you are exempt from H.Q.L class but still need your fingerprints electronically submitted you could do so at any of our three office locations.


AIS has joined in joint ventures with Israeli Tactical School and Situational Analytics to bring you the most up to date firearm instruction on the market today. Please contact our office (301) 296-4499 to be scheduled for the next available classes. Classes are run each month but must have a person minimum to start.


→  Please familiarize yourself with the HQL online application process.

→  Applicants are responsible for managing the application process online using MyLicense.

Courses offered

Current Courses Offered:


  1. Handgun Qualification License (HQL) — Maryland Basic Firearms Safety Course

    4 Hours Plus Range Live Fire Familiarization

  2. Maryland Wear and Carry Permit

    16 Hours Plus Range Qualifications


  3. NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

    8 Hours Plus Range Practice


  4. Advanced Pistol-Provided by Israeli Tactical School

    4/5 Hours Plus Range Practice/Scenarios

Registration for courses is made by contacting one of our three office locations. All courses depend on availability and class person minimum requirement. All payments and registration for the classes are made to our office.


Handgun Qualification License (H.Q.L)


Objective: To effectively fulfill the State of Maryland Handgun Qualification License requirement and to introduce basic firearm techniques. Class will cover performance objectives of Maryland Firearms laws, firearm home safety, handgun mechanisms and operation and use of firearm. $199 entire HQL requirement that includes class, electronic fingerprints, photos and payment of your Maryland CJIS and FBI fees. (Class only $150). Situational Analytics, LLC. Is the firearms training partner of American Identity Solutions.


**Note: New Maryland law requires all person who purchase, rent or receive a handgun to have a Maryland State Police HQL. State Law requirements must be met prior to advanced classes.

***All HQL applicants are required to provide electronic fingerprints by Maryland approved provider and can be done at our three office locations.

Advanced Courses
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